Naturmobil: The Horse Reinvented


Recently I stumbed upon an Iranian green transportation project called the Naturmobil. Described as “the most amazing vehicle so far made in the current millennium”, Naturmobile is a vehicle designed to run with the help of nature, specifically with the natural force of… the horse. Naturmobil is the only vehicle that can run without the (indirect) use of oil. The first CO2-neutral car in the world. In the era of transportation by animal no-one complained about smog, so why not look at the horse again?

The developers explain:

“Naturmobil was designed to provide an innovative way of advertisement that supports tourism yet still caring for the safety of our environment. This vehicle provides the world the alternative ways of having the comfort of modernization in advertisement and still protecting the environment.”

Click here for more images of the Naturmobil. To watch a typically Iranian promotion video of the vehicle, click here.