Munich's iPhone Ambulance

One of the most serious crisis situations that might happen to a modern urbanite would perhaps be an iPhone accident. Suddenly you’re out of reach, you can’t receive email, you’re not available on Facebook or you’re unable to check in on Foursquare any more. Yeah, serious adversity. You might need urgent help. In Munich I stumbled upon this iPhone ambulance by a a company called PhoneKlinik. They help you solving urgent iPhone, iPad and Mac problems.

On their website (that looks like the iTunes Store), they claim to help you within 20 minutes without a waiting list. You can even insure yourself against unpleasant iPhone situations. The only difference with a real hospital are the company’s opening times from 10 am to 6 pm, but I can image this company to offer 24/7 service in the future, while driving around with flashing lights and sirens on top of their Vespa Ape’s. Yes, perhaps we do suffer from a ridiculous dependence on our modern communication toys. It’s interesting, however, to see new business concepts popping up in the city’s streets.