Moment Mapping
Many of you have, at least once, met someone who you definitely wanted to see again. Most of the time with romantic purposes, to be honest. There’s only one problem that’s really frustrating: you don’t know anything about that nice person. No name, no phone number, no email address. How to find him, or her? Now, for all those occasions there’s the New Zealand-based initiative, which gives users a second chance to reconnect. Actually, this website reminds me of a section in the Dutch Railway magazine ‘Rails’, in which train travellers could place a call for the lovely Miss or Mister X they sat opposite to during their commute. works according to the same principle.

The network is based on the mapping of moments. Users start by describing what happened, where it happened, and the person they want to reconnect with. Moments can be made either private or public and could be shared with others to help you find. If the other person involved also enters the moment, both sides are notified by email. The two can then have a private chat on and decide if they want to expand contact. As Joop already wrote, “we aim to discover the importance of sultry experiences in public space of the contemporary world city”, and this is exactly what contributes to. We think. If this new network will get big enough to actually link people, that’s another issue.