Mokum: A Guide To Amsterdam

We spent the last months working on an alternative travel guide to Amsterdam, along with our friends of Partizan Publik, Archis, Theo Deutinger Architects, the Amsterdam 4/5 May Committee, and some 30 other contributors who joined us for a cold and windy workshop weekend in January. On Thursday night we proudly launched Mokum: A Guide to Amsterdam in nightclub Paradiso.

Mokum is an alter-guide to Amsterdam that explores the city limits of modern freedom in this anxious European capital. How liberal is Amsterdam in 2011? And how have the highly contested and conquered rights for women, homosexuals, housing, free speech, expression and sexual freedom been shaped by the current political climate? Are they all still vivid and tangible in the city today? The travel guide provokes the user to explore, reinstate, question and analyze Amsterdam’s liberties in their broadest sense. It contains maps, tours, stories, prose, essays and photos from a wide range of contributors — from poets and artists to geographers and architects, from Amsterdammers to New Yorkers, from the famous to the debutantes.

Mokum: A Guide to Amsterdam
>Archis, Amsterdam, 2011
Editor-in-Chief: Christian Ernsten (Partizan Publik)
Editorial team: Jeroen Beekmans, Joop de Boer, Theo Deutinger, Koen Elzerman, Rani al Rajji
Graphic design: Studio Roosje Klap
208 p. ills color & bw, 16 x 23, pb, English
ISBN: 9789077966556
Available via Idea Books and Athenaeum (for Dutchies). Available on Amazon soon!

Mokum is part of the The Never Walk Alonely Planet series by Archis, which provides an insider’s perspective on the social and cultural reality of the city, with attention to daily life, political dimensions, and spatial consequences. The guides are appealing to both born and raised city dwellers and first-time visitors to a city.