Modern Signboards For Taipei’s Traditional Markets

Taipei’s streets and traditional markets are lined with a multitude of traditional shops and stalls. These family run stores often don’t have a store front sign, or it is an afterthought. The Small Shop Signboard Manufacturer, organized in collaboration with Taipei-based culture promotion brand Archicake, is working to create store front signs by connecting family run businesses with designers.

Designers consult with business owners to create signboards that highlight the unique characteristics of each shop. Through this project, shop owners and designers have been encouraged to experiment with different materials to create harmonious and comfortable street environments. In doing so, this the end product reflect the needs of the shop, while considering the overall appearance of the city’s streets.



Dazhi Market faced one of the most extensive renovations under the Small Shop Signboard Manufacturer project. Located in the Zhongshan District, this morning produce market experienced a complete transformation. The project offered the chance for stall owners to communicate directly with the designers, resulting in designs that preserve the unique characteristics of each stall. The newly installed signboards gave a face to each traditional business, while adding modern design and art to the market.



The level of human connectivity created through this project, closely reflects the original purpose and feel of the market setting. Taipei’s streets are transforming through the addition of modern art and design; while maintaining their original uniqueness. The Small Shop Signboard Manufacturer project has been running since 2013. This year the project hopes to celebrate the creation of the 100th signboard. This project is a great example of Taipei’s World Design Capital ethos of “Adaptive City – Design in Motion”.