Mobile Garden Offices For Home Working

“Creating environmental benefits whilst working smarter.” English company OfficePOD came up with a small working unit to use in your garden.

The OfficePOD is made for people who prefer to work at home and try to avoid boring colleague chats and after work traffic jams. The workplace measures two by two meters and is designed for employees who can work at home, but cannot find the rest in their own house. A workplace in the angle of the sleep chamber or to the kitchen table is not always ideal, certainly not if there are people cleaning around you, or children scream for attention.

The OfficePOD can be used in both summer and winter. The work cell is delivered with all supplies and can be used immediately. Only one electricity cable needs to be connected, that’s it. The OfficePOD is deliverable from next year. The price for this ultramodern work cell will be approximately 6,500 euros.