Mobile Dikes Protect The Dutch Against Floods

The Dutch have been living below sea level for over 800 years, so it’s safe to say that they are absolute experts when it comes to water defense. This doesn’t stop them from experimenting with new flood protection solutions, however.

Mobiele Dijken is a new take on flood protection solutions — something different from the traditional sand bags. Ironically, the mobile dikes of Mobiele Dijken use water to defend the land against water. It may sound a bit strange, but it appears to work!

Mobiele Dijken

The dikes exist of an orange sail that covers hoses, which fill up with water on site by pumping. This two-layer system proves to be an effective solution, as it can provide floodwater protection up to 2.6 meters high. It is a temporary and reusable system where no fixed installation is needed, so it’s quick and easy to set up. It could help defending immediate flooding caused by rainwater when water retention is needed.

Mobiele Dijken

Currently, the team behind Mobiele Dijken is still improving the mobile dike in order to reduce leakages of water to a minimum, aiming at taking part in the national calamity plan. In a pilot experiment of Dutch water company Waternet, Mobiele Dijken already came out as the most effective solution for calamity abatement. In addition, they are participating in the Dutch Challenge Award, an award that is focused on urban solutions for the city of the future. This innovative flooding protection system is certainly one to keep an eye on!