Mobile Bus Bars

Today I stumbled upon a nice article by Rebel Art about a wicked, unusual mobile bar in Berlin that consists of four old vans. According to its inventors, “Wientjes’ mobile bar is a cloak-and-dagger pub that deals with gentrification quite self-ironically”. Four furniture lorries drive around the city, each equipped with one quarter of a hip bar. They meet at a random place and park side by side and create a large and cozy internal space. “Gentrification pioneers start meeting and right after it got around, the bar is taking off again.” Nice.

To some extent this project fits with Partizan Publik’s Moonshine Bus developments that are taking place here, around our headquarters at the Staalvilla in North Amsterdam. The Moonshine Bus is a former city bus from Cologne that will be transformed into a mobile coffee and sandwich bar, night club, exhibition room, lecture hall, flexible workspace, cinema, and illegal brewery. The bus is expected to open this Spring. We’ll keep you posted!