Minimal Painting In Public Space

Each person encounters between 3,000 and 6,000 commercial messages each day. Compared to art, that is a lot. I takes a real exhibition junk to even come close. That is perhaps why so many artists try to change this negative art/ad balance in public spaces. We have seen great examples. Dutch designer Justus Bruns tries to change all advertisement space at Times Square into art by means of collectively buying it. Also Jason Epping’s Pixelator installation might be considered famous.

Urban Shit reports about the urban intervention artist Ox who creates huge designs to improve the quality of public space. He paints several beautiful minimalist designs onto large billboards which were originally meant for advertisements. Somehow, all his designs perfectly fit with the environment and make one look differently at the whole situation. Besides the fact that his paintings are really beautiful he also confuses people. “Weren’t these spots meant to tell commercial stories? What is the message here?” It’s really worth the effort to check out more work of Ox.

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