Medicine That Blooms In Your Cup

You have probably heard of flowering tea, which is just as much of an experience to watch as it is to drink — an unseemly pod that blossoms right before your eyes when you immerse it in water, transforming the liquid into fragrant tea.

Singaporean student Chan Min Yun has taken a similar approach for medicine in her design project, Blooms. She packaged three common medicines in origami forms. The thin water-resistant paper used causes the packaging to unfold when immersed in water, creating a blooming effect.

“The experience of watching the blooming medicine serves as a form of emotional relief in addition to physical relief from the medication; by slowing down our pace, creating a moment to take a breather, and reflect on what we are blessed with. Luxury is feeling blessed in the face of adversity.”

Click here for a video that shows how it works.