MakeSpace — The Next Generation Urban Storage

New York-based urban storage start-up MakeSpace offers their service to urbanites who are in need of a more convenient use of the spare square meters in their downtown apartment. MakeSpace is not just another storage unit — no, this is a more sophisticated way of temporarily getting rid of your stuff.

“Never visit a storage unit again” is their slogan, and this is how they make that true. After you’ve scheduled a pick-up of your stuff, MakeSpace drops off a few green storage bins. Once you have filled them with your stuff, MakeSpace takes the bins to their storage unit, free of charge. From that point you’ll pay a monthly fee of $25 and $29 to have selected bins delivered to your door again in 24-48 hours.


You can access your inventory online and select the bins you want back. Picking the right bins has been made very easy as customers are allowed to upload photos of the stuff they put in every bin. Oversized things like bikes and ski’s are no problem for MakeSpace, but beds and sofas are.


Lack of space is a problem for many citizens in today’s big cities. Living in a small apartment, there’s no space for christmas tree decoration, old study books, that bike for your summer trips and other big seasonal stuff. MakeSpace is one of those premium services that make big city life easier, just like Breather, Uber and Sold.