Lots Of Policemen, Few People

Rebel Art and Wooster Collective report about the latest project of Madrid-based street art collective Luzinterruptus. Goal of this guerrilla project in the Malasaña district is to make people aware of the brutal manifestation of police forces before and during the ‘2 de Mayo’ celebration in Madrid.

“It is considered a high risk period and has required the setting up of protective fences all around the perimeter of the square (…) and young people are denied entry if they don’t agree to be searched. (…) This stressful coming and going of police cars have made us obsessed with this worrying police car chase, whose symptoms led us to think that any car could be a disguised police car.”

The collective decided to express this paranoia with an installation called ‘A Lot of Policemen for So Few People’, putting on 50 cars parked around the celebration spot rudimentary blue police lights made with plastic glasses, blue paper and flashing lights. Nice one.