leFabShop Launches 3D Printing Studio On Wheels

If you’re stuck with a broken car in or around Paris, help is nearby. A new 3D printing service on wheels helps you get back on the road, even when that one little necessary part is broken. Le FabShop and Renault have teamed up to create this innovative 3D printing on-the-go business.

The 3D printing collective and the car brand transformed an electric vehicle into a mobile 3D printer, that not only helps stranded car drivers continue their journey, but also offers services to anyone else who wants to have something printed. Whether it’s a key, a plug or an architectural model, every print job on demand can be easily sent to the vehicle through a smartphone app. The object will be printed while the car is on its way. This also makes the new mobile printer an effective delivery service for any special material requirements. The video shows how the MakerBot Replicator 2 printer is able to do an amazing job, even on bumpy roads.

Since 3D printing has become smoking hot all kinds of applications and initiatives emerge. Within this hurricane of ideas it can be hard to find out which initiatives are relevant. This 3D studio on-the-go seems to be an innovative idea that’s actually able to make a change within a very specific market.