Kitchen On The Move

The Stadtpark collective is a Vienna-based architecture and design group founded by Anna Rosinke and Maciej Chmara that mainly focuses on flexible, nomadic and modular buildings, furniture and objects, for instance their Mobile Gastfreundschaft project. Recently they have been touring Austria with this mobile installation, which comprises a kitchen unit with sink and gas hob, a separate sideboard and a long table with ten folding stools. Rosinke and Chmara traveled from place to place to sit and eat in public space with spontaneously joining passers-by.

The designers explain that Mobile Gastfreundschaft, Mobile Hospitality in English, pays attention to responsibility and self-initiative in public space — “the city, as a space that does not belong to anyone, but at the same time to all. It is merely used by us actively, as it used to be in former times. It has decreased to the background of our everyday activities. Responsibility for the outdoor space, for most of the inhabitants stops at their garden fence. The project Mobile Hospitality starts just here”.

Mobile Gastfreundschaft took place in Vaduz, Dornbirn, Bregenz and Feldkirch last Summer and Autumn, and was initiated and supported by Art Design Feldkirch and Tschabrun Wood. Click here for more photos of the project.

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