Kitchain: Modular Furniture For Social Dining In Public Space

Food-related events have become extremely popular in our cities over the last years. Why? Because social dining brings us together. We share our habits, culture and ideas while sitting at the same table. Bernedetta Maxia and António Louro of Lisbon-based art and architecture collective MOOV came up with Kitchain. Originally designed and built for the Belluard Bollwerk International festival, Kitchain is a smart piece of modular furniture that responds to the emerging social dining trend.

Kitchain is a combination between a kitchen and a chain of tables. It’s a modular kitchen-based system that works perfectly for social dinners. Kitchain is designed to turn the ritual of cooking and eating into a social event and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. An empty office or vacant lot, for instance, can be easily turned into a stunning guerrilla restaurant with social benefits. The system can be assembled into various structures and forms, depending on the needs of the guests involved. Last Summer Kitchain traveled around festivals all over Europe, such as the Artefact festival in Leuven, Belgium.

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