Kanto: A Pop-Up Sauna In Public Space

During our trip to World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 last weekend, we stumbled upon this wooden sauna right in the middle of Munkkisaari, a raw urban harbor area in the South-Western part of the city.

Surrounded by construction sites, asphalt and concrete, this sauna by designer Florian Ganter looks to be completely lost. It belongs here somehow, and shows the Finnish passion for saunas in general as well as the good stuff that’s happening as part of the World Design Capital festivities. Kanto is part of the MoA 2012 Year Show.

The roots of ‘Kanto’ (the project’s name) are in the traditional Finnish Summer sauna culture. This could be considered the urban alternative to that tradition. Independent from water and power connections, the sauna is heated by a wood-fired stove. The sauna was built using durable Finnish materials. Kanto can accommodate eight people at the same time. Thanks to its circular form, the sauna is a tool for togetherness as it aims to stimulate social behavior.

Helsinki is 2012’s World Design Capital. Visit Finland invited us to come over to explore the city’s design treasures. The ‘Design in Helsinki’ series highlights the best projects, concepts and designs we came across during our visit.