Inventions For A Nomadic Lifestyle

Designer Maaike Fransen came up with a great collection of what she calls ‘inventions for a nomadic lifestyle’. Living in a temporary situation herself, Fransen delved into the needs of an urban nomad in daily life. Being in cognito form time to time is such a basic urban need for nomads wo are spending most of their lives in public space. Her collection of extraordinary suits and products for a colorful crowd of traveling characters focusses on a dreamy individual lifestyle.

All her products in this series are made of discarded objects that were aimed at seven flamboyant characters. Fransen has also added some ideas for possible urban nomadic behavior facilitated by the project.

“Go out for a ride in your bathtub, catch the birds with your umbrella, expand your trolley into a scooter or become a walking theatre or screw on your sunglasses and take a nap on your neck-pack.”

Beyond their imaginary practical applications, these products are all incredibly beautiful and stylish. Fashion designer Fransen is the winner of the Melkweg Award and the Keep an Eye Grant with her graduation project.

This article belongs to our Dutch Design Week 2011 series, in which we showcase ten great designs spotted at the Design Academy’s graduation show.