Introducing the Rail Bike

Urban Shit reports about the next step in urban bicycle culture. The guys from WAV (We Are Visual) have come up with something new — the 'Bahnradbahnrad', or 'Rail Bike'. 

The Bahnradbahnrad is a combination between a bicycle and a tram and allows bike enthusiast to cycle to predestined locations. You don’t want to slip into tram rails when you’re cycling. This cycling innovation changes the tram tracks of the city of Kassel into a new kind of bike lane. Great idea for cities without a proper network of cycling lanes.

The work of Hamburg-based art collective WAV is an art collective predominantly deals with public space. In the video you can see that this ‘Bahnradbahnrad’ works pretty well. The wheels perfectly fit in the tram track while the training wheels prevents the bicycle rider from falling.

The good thing is that one does’t have to think about which route to take. Now the big question is whether or not urban youngsters want to be spotted with training wheels on the sides of their bike…