Intimacy Shelters

Rotating Shelter, UtrechtRotating Shelter, Utrecht

On this blog we’re looking for an interpretation of the Erotic City. Within this third post regarding that topic, we freely interpretate the public installation shown above. Rotating Shelters is a project by the German artist duo Winter/Hörbelt. Recently they designed these colourful round ‘cabines’ as a part of the redesign of the newly laid-out courtyard of the Willem Arntsz Huis, a mental healthcare institution in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Interesting about the project is the idea that a piece of intimacy is created within the public sphere. It enables people to find a bit of privacy, however, nothing is locked up. Speaking about the Erotic City, these cabins at least give a new perspective on public space, and therefore offer a new urban functionality. It changes feeling and creates excitement. Let’s see what happens! The cabins will be opened on Thursday September 3 and introduced by the artists themselves. Come by and have a drink at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.