Integrated Bird Houses

Some people consider city birds disastrous when it comes to their homes. The birds are especially unwanted when they accommodate at attics, making holes into wall insulation, and under roof tiles. We could install some traditional wooden bird houses in our garden, on trees or social housing for birds at other places in the city. Recently we stumbled upon even more esthetical, yet subtle solutions: bird house roof tiles. These tiles consist of terracotta with a bird house perched on top where the bird can nest in.

Another design we saw last week at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is called Bird Bricks: built-in, customized nests for endangered species like the house martin, spotted flycatcher and the house sparrow. The bricks are set into the walls during construction and meet all requirements of building regulations. And according to Fanny Hofstra, the designer of the Bird Bricks, city birds will return every year once they nest somewhere into the walls and their young will take over when they grow up.

This article belongs to our Dutch Design Week 2011 series, in which we showcase ten great designs spotted at the Design Academy’s graduation show.