Insert ____ Here

Artist Eve Mosher came up with an interactive way for citizens to launch their city improvement ideas in public space.

Collaborating with, her ‘Insert ____ Here‘ project offers big yellow arrows to urbanites that they can place at spots in New York City where they think an environmental change could be made. Reminding of some of Candy Chang’s works (1, 2), the ‘____’ is there to fill out your idea, for instance ‘park’. Dozens of arrows have already been placed in all five districts of New York, with residents calling for everything, ranging from green roofs to green jobs.

Mosher hopes ‘Insert ____ Here’ to spread to other cities around the globe. Inhabitat explains that she “aims to not only promote environmental awareness but also to encourage communities to work together to raise their unique voice when it comes to taking care of and finding green solutions for their own neighborhood”. To be continued… Click here to follow the project on Facebook. Check out the website to get involved.