Ikea Launches Furniture for Wild Animals

In collaboration with London-based creative studio Mother, IKEA launched its Wildhomes for Wildlife project. After furnishing millions and probably billions of homes around the globe, IKEA decided to shift its focus to outdoor furniture for wild animals.

Last month, in celebration of the opening of IKEA Greenwich, the Swedish blue and yellow giant’s most sustainable store, IKEA teamed up with Mother and local artists to create an entirely new collection of furniture. The collection, Wildhomes for Wildlife, is designed for the great outdoors. It’s made from upcycled IKEA furniture, and designed by local designers with the ambition for the new neighbors of the new store to enjoy an amazing home. As of now, IKEA is not just furnishing human homes, but also the homes of our “furry, feathered and flying friends”.

The series of outdoor furniture consists of seven pieces: Dom, Bughattan, Fladdermosshus, Honey I’m Home!, Månstråle, Pipi, and The Bug Bud. The pieces appeal to different animals. While Dom, designed by Supermundane, will attract small birds like blue tits, Pipi, also designed by Supermundane, will help bats get a good grip and roost during the day, and the Månstråle nesting pods, designed by Beep Studio, are positioned at the perfect height for nesting birds, for example.

The opening of the Greenwich store has highlighted IKEA’s growing involvement in sustainability promotion. It’s not just taking out trash from the river Thames, but also caring for up sustainable production, recycling, upcycling, and as of this month, local (urban) wildlife. While moving to the countryside in search of a calmer, healthier life closer to nature has been a growing trend, especially amongst the younger generations of urban dwellers, green spaces and biodiversity in cities should not be forgotten. Let’s hope that Månstråle, Dom, Pipi and the rest will one day make it to the showrooms and warehouses across the planet.