Huge Laboratory Flask Pops Up In Winnipeg

Vancouver-based Pechet Studio won a competition held by Winnipeg's Public Art Program with an extraordinary piece of art in public space.

The goal of the competition was to develop a work of art that would refresh the image of Winnipeg. The public art installation is named ‘Emptyful’, which, according to Pechet, refers to the paradox that people experience when they visit Winnipeg. “When you first visit Winnipeg, it can appear empty and open, set amidst the vastness of prairie and sky. But within, the city is full of creative energy.”

The $575,000 piece of art was constructed with RGB lights provided by Montreal-based Lumenpulse, a company that specializes in lighting technology. The flask is programmed to display 27 different sequences with and without the use of fog, which is stored in a container beneath it.