How Humorous Architects Promote Their Buildings

Walking Berlin by Fantastic NorwayWalking Berlin by Fantastic NorwayMany, many architects take themselves too seriously and lack a good sense of humour. The guys of Fantastic Norway, who also created the fantastic cardboard clouds at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, are quite different. To gain more attention for their creations, they organised the project Walking Berlin, in which they dressed up as their latest building and walked around the German capital. The event took place at international design festival DMY Berlin earlier this month. Fantastic Norway members were wearing models of high-rise towers while walking, cycling and dancing around the city. The comedians explain:

“The walking houses are man-sized models of our latest architectural project: a tourist destination located on the northern west coast of Norway. As our project depend on the idea of travelling, we decided it was only fair that the houses got to do some travelling too! (…) While exploring the streets of central Berlin, the walking houses chatted with the locals, danced at Alexanderplatz, travelled on the U-Bahn, and even shared a curry-würst with the Berliners.”