Hong Kong As A 2D Game

Stockholm-based photographer Christian Åslund shot a series of photos in Hong Kong depicting the city as a 2D game.

Remember playing Super Mario Bros on the first Nintendo? Well, Åslund shot this series as a hommage to these classical 2D games as part of an ad campagin for shoe brand Jim Rockey. Many photographers have used streets and roads as a background for their photos, but the height and angle used by Åslund is just unordinary. The images seem to be flat as if the main character navigates through a game level.

Hong Kong 2D by Christian ÅslundHong Kong 2D by Christian Åslund

Hong Kong 2D by Christian Åslund

Åslund explains that he got the idea for ‘Honkey Kong’ after spending some time on the rooftop of a friend’s apartment in Hong Kong. The photographer used walkie-talkies to communicate with his colleagues on the ground. He has tried to retouch the photos as less as possible. He concludes that getting access to the rooftops was the most difficult part of the project. Click here to check out Åslund’s portfolio.