Hamburg’s Trashcam Project Converts Dumpsters Into Giant Pinhole Cameras

Thanks to Rudolf from Urban Shit we found out about the Trashcam Project, an extraordinary photography project that recently took place in Hamburg. Some 1,100 garbage containers in the city were converted into pinhole cameras by drilling a hole onto one side of the dumpster so the image is projected onto a giant sheet of photo paper inside. The project wanted to show Hamburg from the perspective of the sanitation workers by enabling them to take snapshots with their containers.

The city’s sanitation department asked Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Scholz and Friends Berlin and Matthias Hewing to come up with something special for the bin men. “They wanted to show off the city they love and take care of on a daily basis in all its glory so it had to be something pretty special”, explains Derpmann to The Sun. The group spent five days with the sanitation workers to take a series of photos and is currently looking for a place to exhibit them. Click here to check out the results on Flickr!