Guerrilla Gardening In East London Potholes

Decorating potholes is cool. Guerrilla gardening is (still) cool. East London is cool. So what could be cooler than guerrilla gardening in potholes in East London?

Steve Wheen, also known as the Pothole Gardener, fills pesky cracks in East London with miniature living worlds consisting of soil, plants and adorable props. All gardens are carefully documented on Wheen’s website since he doesn’t leave his creations in the wild. He explains that this project started as part of a university course and it has grown from there.

The Pothole Gardener

The Pothole Gardener

“Part art project, part labour of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how shit our roads are — the pictures and gardens are supposed to put smiles on peoples faces and alert them to potholes! I don’t leave any of the props out after we shoot them, I have only ever created low gardens on very quiet streets, mostly dead end lanes and on footpaths in my areas.”

Wanna see more of this project? Click here to visit the Pothole Gardener’s website.