Green Connections In A Nursing Home, Amsterdam

On Bill O’Reilly’s conservative TV show, The Netherlands are often ridiculized when talking about the way soft drugs policy is organized here. First of all, O’Reilly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but that’s obvious. Second, hold on Bill… it’s even worse here in Amsterdam. Not only adolescents are smoking their way through life, even the elderly and people with disabilities have their networks. Here’s a personal report from a nursing home in the centre of Amsterdam.

A few years ago I earned my living by working for people who needed help in their household – because of their age and/or their physical condition. Shopping, cleaning, watching TV, many cups of tea, and… a joint now and then! One of the ladies I worked for had Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and in order to relieve the pain in her muscles she was allowed to smoke medical cannabis. For medical reasons cannabis is available on doctor’s prescription in Holland, just like in California. Talking about the quality of this stuff, she claimed that regular cannabis was much better. “Have a look in that closet”, she said…

It was amazing — the closet revealed two sealed bags of approximately 100 grams each, filled with marihuana! This is pretty much and will cost close to 700 euros when buying it in a normal coffeeshop. To my obvious question where she got it from, the answer was surprising and stunning at the same time. These huge green bags originated from a mate of hers who lived in the same nursing home, revealing a network of cannabis dealers within the walls of this building! Thus illegal green connections not only exist among the mob, but also among decent elderly people, and finally we get to understand why old people sit together playing cards, bingo and shuffle board games the whole day… they are just doing business!