Graffiti Knitting Meets Plant Bombing

Aight, we’ve all heard about the yarn bombing/graffiti knitting/yarn storming trend that’s emerging in many cities around the globe. And also about the (somewhat older) plant bombing/guerrilla gardening trend. San Francisco-based urban knitter Heather Powazek Champ and guerrilla gardener Derek Powazek decided to combine their forces and came up with the the very best of both worlds. The couple started installing so-called ‘plant pockets’, low-maintenance species in beautifully hand-knitted yarn pockets, all over San Francisco.

TreeHugger explains that their love babies are mostly inspired by this year’s International Yarn Bombing Day. The plant pocket interventions combine “Heather’s love of ‘urban knitting’ and Derek’s skill at gardening. Using yarn, a bit of soil, and some hardy plants, the result is a hands-off, smile-inducing work of art”. Inspired? Or wanna try it yourself? Click here for more photos and instructions!