Gold Rush: The Urban Adventure Game

If you’re in Amsterdam tomorrow, we’d like to sincerely invite you to drop by at the first official edition of the Nuit Blanche Amsterdam festival. Tomorrow night, five places across Amsterdam will be transformed into nightly platforms filled with art, design and fun.

As you may know we’re not only running this web magazine, but also Golfstromen, an office for urbanism and marketing. For the occasion of Nuit Blanche we developed a mind-blowing urban adventure game along with the people of Waag Society, entitled Gold Rush. The game will be taking place in the twilight zone between digital en physical spaces and will take you on a freaky trip through the city center of Amsterdam, in search of a treasure left behind by the desperate Russian mastermind Kurnan Iblovich and his accomplice Anatoli. During the game you’ll stumble upon obstacles, tasks and mysteries that guide you to a final destination where the Grande Finale will be played at 2.00 am.

Gold Rush is based upon the 7scenes application and can be played with iPhones and Nokia smartphones. The game is accessible between 10 pm and 1.30 am, and it is possible to play in groups. No problemo. Get prepared for Gold Rush, click here to download 7scenes! There will be upload stations available across town during the night where you can recharge your battery and ask for help.