Fruits In The Form Of The Packaging

As we were about to forget the Japanese square watermelons, the Brazilian company Camp Nectar recently released an interesting concept and campaign. In an attempt to show that their products are 100% natural, Camp Nectar hired the Ad Agency AGEIsobar decided to grow fruits in she shape of a Camp Nectar juice box.

They developed specially molded plastic boxes to place over growing fruits and allowed the fruit to ripen in the mold. The process took two years of experimenting; nevertheless they managed to produce 4 types of fruits: lemons, guavas, passion fruits, and oranges, all in the shape of a juice box. The products were displayed in supermarkets among other fruits.

For Camp Nectar, money does grow on trees after all! If you don’t have time to watch the video, Adsoftheworld has created a one-page summary of the campaign here.