Free Classic: Domebook 2 By Lloyd Kahn

Some time ago I wrote about a free PDF version of the rarely available book How to Build Your Own Living Structures by Ken Isaacs. I have another great classic for you to download: the inspiring Domebook 2, written by Lloyd Kahn and published in 1971. The book deals with “how to construct cardboard geodesic play-domes”. Just like ‘bubbletecture’, domes are great architectural phenomenons you can find everywhere in the world in all kinds of forms, from Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica to La Geode in Paris.

The Domebook contains over 100 pages of beautiful images and illustrations with brief and clear instructions and conversations about inspirations for building shelter out of domes. According to Kahn, “it’s much easier to build, than it is to write about it”. Buckminster Fuller (great vintage website), the driving force behind the dome movement, gave away the original design for his ‘Sun Dome’ in the May 1966 issue of Popular Science.

“Fuller’s geodesic geometry was built with mathematics, wood scraps and staples; a model that Kahn took up with a passion, continuing the meme with Domebooks 1 & 2, building domes around California.”

The people of Let’s Re-Make! have scanned the entire Domebook 2 and made it available for download. Currently we are building a PDF library that will be launched shortly on this blog. Check back soon…