Footballs On Demand On The Streets Of Brazil

As made visible with the latest Pokémon Go craze, sometimes it takes a bit of innovation to get kids playing outside these days!

A new campaign in Brazil which translates to “Be More Child” is placing footballs in special boxes throughout the streets in order to encourage kids to get moving. Biscoitos Zezé, a popular cookie company in Brazil is responsible for the project and as the brand name itself is already associated with ideas of ‘happiness’ and ‘fun’ this makes for an easy liason.

Be More Child

The ball brings children from around the neighborhood together and creates a centralized space for community interaction and activity. The balls are locked away in the boxes, which only local kids have access to.

Be More Child

As winter holiday is quickly approaching in Brazil, this campaign has been giving kids a reason to play outside and keep busy while schools are closed. Located throughout the streets of Southern Brazil, Pokeballs aren’t the only things to look out for these days!