Fluffy Nuzzles Keep Ice Skaters Warm

Toronto-based architecture studio RAW Design has won the Warming Huts Competition with their fur-inspired Nuzzles. The colorful and fluffy design keeps the ice skaters warm along the frozen Red River Mutual Trail in Winnipeg, Canada.

The ice skaters can warm their frozen bodies between the colorful insulated appendages on the Nuzzles along the skate track. The ‘pool noodles’ are hold together by an aluminum frame that is lit (by night) and heated from within. People can bend the heated sticks around them and rest for a moment.


The colorful Nuzzles form a nice contrast to the white ice, and are a welcome intervention to create a playful skate track on the frozen Assiniboine River. It’s not bad to have a little shelter in weather conditions of -20 degrees celsius.