Flexible Outdoor Urinal Doubles As A Composter

French design studio Faltazi has presented a highly flexible outdoor urinal that recycles the pee of festival visitors into usable compost. The so-called Uritonnoir is designed as an eco-friendly way for outdoor sanitation for those moments it’s most needed.

Foldable plastic urinals can be added to a straw bale with the use of a lashing trap. Nitrogen from the urine combined with the carbon from the straw make a good combination for generating compost. After a festival the bale can be taken to a composting facility or left on the spot, and after a while the bale has turned into a nutrient fertilizer.


This method of generating compost is a very old-fashioned way to fertilize agricultural land — the same method of combining straw and urine is used in all kinds in traditional cattle farming. The temporary urinal comes in two versions: the flat-pack polypropylene ‘DIY’ model and the stainless steel ‘Deluxe’ model. Which one to use predominantly depends on the poshness of the festival. The Uritonnoir will be used first in June during the French heavy metal festival Hellfest. I guess they will go for the plastic version here…