Flexible Interior Units By Kapteinbolt

Designers Louwrien Kaptein and Menno Bolt have been producing a flexible interior for an artist consisting of four double panels, each with its own function. The interior consists of units that can be easily collapsed and taken to another site, wherever you want it to be.

This flexible interior is a very interesting contribution to the problem of the enormous waste of space caused by empty office buildings. No self respected CEO of a successful business wants to be seen in one those seventies and eighties office buildings any more. On the other hand artists don’t matter. They like these buildings, and besides that, or have no other choice.

It takes some design efforts to transform the over-dimensioned previous generation office ugliness to suitable artist working places. This Kapteinbolt interior contains everything an artist’s living and working place needs: a work unit, a unit for sitting and sleeping, a kitchen unit and a storage unit. The closed panels open in a 90 degrees angle. Each unit is both a room divider and a functional piece of furniture. The interior is easy to move and usable in any space, preferable close to a toilet and bathroom.