Flexibility In The Middle Of Nowhere

A few days ago I stumbled upon a Wall Street Journal Magazine article about the work of Seattle-based architect Tom Kundig. He designed rustic homes on wheels that engage their landscape, as you can see in the picture. Kundig’s goal is to find balance between the structure and the landscape. I think he did a pretty nice job.

The rolling huts are both designed with a low-tech and low-impact focus in mind. Kundig admits the wheels of the houses serve aesthetic more than practical purposes, but also taken into account the raw and low cost materials he used, this project is absolutely a nice example of flexible architecture as it should be. Each hut cost about $75,000 to build.

Another example of the stunning work of Kundig’s firm is a project called ‘The Brain’ in Seattle. The Brain is a cinematic laboratory built for a filmmakerl, located in the midst of a forrest. Inserted along the north wall is a steel mezzanine. All interior structures were made of using raw, hot-rolled steel sheets. Niiiiice!