Find Your Focus in This Countryside Co-Living Community

Je m'appelle Brabant

Urban co-living and co-working network Je m'appelle has spread its wings to the countryside. It recently opened its third location in the southern Dutch province of North Brabant, where creatives can disconnect themselves to work and live with like-minded people. 

Je m’appelle’s mission is to live together in communities worldwide and work to push ideas to companies. They now facilitate in not only Brabant, but also in Amsterdam and Lisbon, and later this year Tokyo will be added to this list. Nevertheless, with 40 residents, Brabant is the network’s first-ever countryside community.

Je m'appelle Brabant
View of the Brabant villa. Photo Je m’appelle

The place is then perfect for young designers, software engineers, and other creatives, who despite working globally while tackling challenges on architecture, coding or digital design, are still looking for peace and quiet. Je m’appelle Company gives complete freedom to the inhabitants of its places to work on their own, however, while still being a part of a network that focuses on achieving both individual and collective goals.

The collective projects include running a nightclub in Amsterdam and work for clients such as Adidas, Magic Leap or Philips. Moreover, the company underlines that they ‘put their people in the field’ as after pitching the new projects, the Je m’appelle residents are sent to work directly with the customers — realising products and producing operational results in weeks instead of years.

Je m'appelle Brabant
Mehhh. Photo Je m’appelle

The Brabant Villa itself is a well-maintained place with a workspace in a separate building. Each resident has his own bedroom in the beautifully renovated Dutch villa to explore the advantages of rural living in a creative way.