Find Your Creativity At The Lost Sock

The Lost Sock is often empty and very, very quiet, but useful for drying sheets when it rains for days on end (and yes it does rain in Tasmania).

My local laundromat is a perfectly functional space, but boring. Your nearest laundromat may be a bit like mine, a place where nothing much happens. Imagine how exciting it would be if it was a vibrant third place where the locals gathered to make art. A place to look at cool stuff that your neighbours have made, a place to start your own creative projects. Picture the same laundromat, but now transformed into an art studio.

The Laundromat Project is a non-profit organisation that brings art into New York laundromats to improve the “quality of life for people whose incomes do not guarantee broad access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities”. Making art, expressing myself and meeting my neighbours while waiting for the sheets to dry. It sounds like fun.