Find My Friends With A Twist

We’ve talked about apps that can help build community or let you remotely explore foreign places with impromptu tour guides. Here’s an application with a more utilitarian function that you may find useful on a daily basis — Twist, an app that combines GPS, Google directions, real-time traffic conditions and a handy notification function. It’s similar to the popular app Find My Friends, which lets you track the GPS location of fellow users. But, Twist gives context to that random smattering of GPS dots with en route information. You can select who gets notified and with what: time of departure, GPS location, expected time of arrival (ETA), etc.

Scenario: You’re making a mad dash through traffic because you’re running late for a rendez-vous with some friends. The thought crosses your mind that they might appreciate a quick message regarding your new ETA, but that’ll disrupt and prolong your journey, and even pose a safety risk if you’re driving. Twist can automatically send that message for you!

This app can be really handy in many situations, such as the very common one described above, kids waiting for parents to pick them up, coordinating work meetings, or even to figure out the best time to pop dinner in the oven. The best part is that ETAs are quite accurate as they’re based on selected travel mode and current traffic conditions. Reviews all say the app is very easy to use and it’s free! Why not give Twist a spin? Your friends may thank you.