Farmshelf Lets You Grow Your Greens Under Your Own Roof

Urban gardening has been an ongoing trend for decades. Farmshelf thinks beyond the trend, bringing the greenhouse under your very own roof with an automated system that enables the growth of your own greens whilst aiming to reduce your carbon footprint.

The majority of people lack time, space, or the expertise to grow their own food. Brooklyn-based startup Farmshelf came up with a solution that enables you to grow greens regardless of place or weather condition. The small-scale indoor greenhouse intends to minimize your carbon footprint by avoiding lengthy transport routes, packaging, and non-trackable origins of your produce.

Farmshelf applies hydroponics for its growing process — a method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution instead of soil

The system does not require its user to have a green thumb, as it is a fully automated internet-connected device that keeps track on the growth cycle. It notifies you once your greens can be harvested.

While Farmshelf is making major headway in bringing farming to the masses, urban gardening has been around for decades. Growing your own greens has become a proliferating trend, also among restaurants and hotels. The Greenhouse in Utrecht lives ups to its name and installed a greenhouse on the first floor of its restaurant, which is easily visible from outside through the glazed facades. The QO Amsterdam hotel dedicated its mission to implement sustainability in all its processes and installed a rooftop garden from which it harvests its produce for its restaurant. Though being mainly directed to restaurants, Farmshelf envisions to facilitate the growth of produce regardless of place or time.