Farm-On-Wheels On A Mission

Each time after discovering new ways of urban farming in different cities, it’s hard to imagine there could be better and more beautiful concepts of urban agriculture. But the development of this long-term trend goes on!

Filmmaker Ian Cheney came to New York in 2009 realizing how difficult it was to have a place to grow food. So he planted his mini farm in his old Dodge and the Truck Farm was born! The good thing about the Truck Farm is that it doesn’t require any rooftop or land and it can go everywhere to chase the sun.

This project is not only for own use, the core mission of the Truck Farm project is teaching people that growing food can be fun, easy and done everywhere. Since Spring 2011, the project expanded its fleet to 25 trucks across the United States. Their slogan: this mobile garden is growing healthy food, people and communities. Besides the trucks, the team made a short film about urban agriculture featuring the Truck Farm. Check it out.