Even Money Joins The Protest

In these dark times of crisis, everyone should participate to the emerging protests all around the world. Only if everybody stands up and gives voice to his dissent, things can change for good. Each one can do it in his own way, no matter how. Occupy George, for instance, is a great example of symbolic act. As part of the Occupy Wall Street protest in the United States, the project consist in giving away dollar bills printed with fact-based infographics.

The project’s aim is to inform people about America’s economic disparity between the healthy 1% and 99% of victims of the financial and political system. Occupy George wants to be a medium to make people more and more aware of the real situation we are facing. This project seems to give life to the exact opposite of the critical 1984 quote “Ignorance is strength”. Ignorance may be strength for that 1% (with some exception), but knowledge is power for the remaining 99.

More images of the project here.