Eaze: The Uber For Pot Delivery

The legalization of medicinal marijuana has been a hot topic in California for a while and the industry it has generated is blazing. Combining marijuana with high-end service-oriented technology, start-up Eaze delivers (medical) marijuana to people’s doors within 10 minutes after purchase.

The service, that was launched last summer, connects customers with Eaze drivers, that are equipped with a variety of strains. Users only have to verify their prescribed patient status on the website and then they can choose between different stains and quantity, click ‘Request Delivery’, and the purchase will be delivered within just 10 minutes.


Eaze is yet another start-up that’s part of a wider trend of premium tech companies that impressively combine smooth technology and UX design with smooth real-world services in cities. Uber is by far the most famous example of this trend, but almost every week similar types of services pop up somewhere in the world. In the past we’ve covered enterprises like Postmates (delivery), Breather (private spaces in the city), and MakeSpace (storage). Most of these tech companies form missing links, fill up unused spaces, and make cities work a little more efficiently in general.


The parents of Ease founder Keith McCarty accused their son of turning into a glorified drug dealer when he first pitch his idea to them. His start-up is wildly successful though, with more than 500 orders within the first 2 weeks after the launch of the service.