Dump Your Hubby In The Husband Nursery

We already leave our kids in Småland when shopping at IKEA, now its also possible to dump your husband when enjoying shopping in a Chinese mall. The Husband Nursery is a special room for husbands that don’t like shopping and prefer to spend their ‘mall-time’ in a relaxed way. It is part of the recently opened Vanke Mall in the Chinese Town of Qibao and provides those things men prefer above assisting the shopping sprees of their wives.

The Husband Nursery is located on the third floor of the shopping complex and provides television sets, lots of manly magazines and relaxation chairs (including massaging ones!) for husbands to relax and refrain from shopping. It’s a minimally designed space and takes their male customers away from hectic life at the mall. Though it’s unclear whether the service is for free or not, we believe this is an interesting addition to any shopping area.

While online shopping is booming, old fashioned shopping centres have to come up with new ways to attract customers. This service is a good example of the extra effort that malls and shopping streets have to put into creating a nice environment. Shopping is turning more and more into an ‘experience’, and men and women prefer different experiences. Slightly stereotyping, the Husband Nursery is a simple and clever way to combine both the preferences.