Dog Parking On The Streets Of New York

Brooklyn resident Chelsea Brownridge has designed a little pop-up box to keep our canine friends safe on the streets. Dog Parker provides single-occupancy, short-stay kennels for dogs while their owners run errands in the city.

An alternative to leaving pups at home or chained to a lamppost, these curbside kennels are found outside of participating businesses in Brooklyn. They come in three sizes, are temperature controlled and house a webcam to monitor activity.

Dog Parker

For an annual membership fee of $25, users get a bespoke keycard enabling unlimited access to the kennels. Visits are subsequently charged at a flat rate $0.20 per minute. Brownridge anticipates that the average stopover will last about 10 to 15 minutes; enabling owners to grab a coffee or pick up groceries.

Dog Parker

By the end of Spring 2016, Dog Parker aims to offer 100 units throughout New York. Encouraging walkability, utilising the sidewalk, supporting local business and keeping the dogs safe — we’re barking for this pup-up.