DIY Tree House

Having an own tree house in the backyard is the fantasy of every child. However, some parents don’t have the technical skills or are just lazy. The perfect solution woul is definitely this wicked do-it-yourself ttree house by the designers of Aandeboom.

Tree-friendly and very easy to build without any glue or screws. The manual shows step by step how the tree house should be assembled. Since construction of the tree house only consists of eight steps, seven panels, four straps and lashings, there is no need to worry about that annoying orphaned screw that usually remains after assembling IKEA furniture.

Building (and demount) a child’s ultimate hideaway was never so easy. It only takes about 30 to 45 minutes to secure the tree house to the tree without any damage. Next to the tree house there is also a tree bench and a temporary urinal to strap on a tree made of recycled plastic, very convenient for festivals, public gardens and events.

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