DIY Movable Outdoor Kitchen

London-based designer Nina Tolstrup has created the so-called Outdoor Kitchen. Designed to facilitate the joy of cooking outside, the Outdoor Kitchen is a movable unit consisting of basic kitchen/garden gear that is available in hardware stores all over the world. The do-it-yourself cooking unit is made for outdoor purposes, but will function inside as well. It makes the cooking ritual space independent, but the greatest thing is that you can make your own. The step-by-step construction PDF is available on Tolstrup’s website. Outdoor cooking is popular, and garden cooking furniture was the big garden center design hit of last summer. This flexible kitchen, however, is different from the garden center’s choice. As the whole is movable, it is perfect for uncertain weather conditions. When the sun breaks out the cooking process can be transfered to the garden, and when it starts to rain everything can be moved back in.

“The outdoor kitchen comprises of gas cooking hob, a bucket sink, a chopping board and storage for crockery, utensils and a few food ingredients. Water is connected from the garden hose and waste water is collected in a watering can placed beneath the sink, so grey water can be reused.”