Designers And Street Vendors Together In A Street Assembly

Aldo Cancino Estrada, another Design Academy Eindhoven graduate who’s work was showcased at this years Dutch Design Week, has made a social scenario in which street vending is turned into a creative platform for designers and street vendors to meet.

In Mexico, Cancino Estrada’s homeland, there are around 200,000 street vendors offering all kinds of goods, from toilet paper to Cds and fresh fruits, so to say street vendors are huge in Mexico is not an exaggeration. Aldo Cancino Estrada has developed a project that aims to connect street vendors with the designers and open up the way to all the possibilities that can be obtained from this collaboration. “Street vendors master a skill or a material,” he says, “while designers from the creative industry generate ideas. A Street Creative Platform is proposed as a bridge to connect the two sides.

Street Assembly Line

To accompany the social vision of the project he has made a tricycle that resembles a moving food cart and works as a place where designers and street vendors can meet and work. By suggesting craftsmen and designers to work closely to one another and influence each others work, the Street Assembly Line proposes the (r)evolvement of the social structure.

Street Assembly Line

While in the past moving carts used to be an exclusive for food vendors in the recent years we’ve seen a trend of other industries exploring the potential of delivering their services to places where they are needed. Aldo Cancino Estrada took this concept a step further giving it a social note and warning about the need of different branches of the same industry working together and made street vending experience a little bit richer.