Derelict Gas Station Transforms Into A Dreamy Public Space

Re-use and transformation of former private buildings into places open to the public is something that always attracts our interest. This time we’re showcasing an example of such a transformation project around the corner of our HQ in North Amsterdam that opens today!

LED Cloud is a light installation by Sophie Valla Architects in the green and cultural heart of the district. Combining colorful led lamps and sheets of cut-out textile on the roof of a former gas station, the installation seeks to resemble the variety of colors of the Dutch sky: “20 different atmospheres including sunrise, storms and cloudy skies…”, states the architectural office.

LED Cloud, AmsterdamLED Cloud, Amsterdam

The interesting part is that this spot, which is the shelter where the gas pumps used to be, resembles a plaza and is open to everyone. The addition of comfortable couches underneath the LED Cloud offers a unique view to the installation and a great chance to enjoy and relax in a special, almost surreal environment. This space, that somehow functions as a transitional public space, is rare to be found in the area of Amsterdam. I can only imagine how great it would be to spend a summer night in this place!

LED Cloud, Amsterdam

This former gas station, which consists of the shelter and a small building, is now known in the local community as the Roze Tanker (Pink Tank). Samenscholers, a foundation which develops and supports social and cultural projects, decided to take this space under its protection and management, and give a second life to it by opening it up to the public. The Roze Tanker hosts exhibitions, workshops, music events, yoga sessions and even the ceremonies of a Ghanaian church.

LED Cloud, Amsterdam LED Cloud, Amsterdam

The refurbishment of the Roze Tanker is part of the regeneration and revitalization process that is happening in Amsterdam Noord in order to create a local central park — a big public green space called Noorderpark that would give new perspectives to the local community. The Roze Tanker, and its neighbor yellow ‘brother’, will act as the cultural and creative poles of the area. The installation of LED Cloud turns on its lights in public for the first time today at 5 PM, and of course everyone’s more welcome to join! You can see the more detailed invitation here.